Why parents should use genetic engineering on their children?!

With my first article being published today, I can consider myself officially a philosopher! 😊
I would like to thank Roberto Fumagalli and three anonymous referees for helpful comments over the course of the development of this paper. Furthermore, I would like to thank the students, from the University of Bayreuth and the London School of Economics, with whom I had lively discussions.

Very short article description: ‘Do we have an obligation to genetically manipulate and improve human embryos? – YES!’


Childhood Dream Becoming Reality

My childhood dream has become a reality. 🙂

I am giving a talk, at the same conference as my idols Daniel Dennett and Brian Skyrms, on the Generalized Theory of Evolution!
Thanks to the research I conducted at the Max-Planck Institute, the education I received in Bayreuth, my mother who always believed in my philosophical aspirations and my father who raised my interest in natural selection, this dream was able to manifest itself.

If you’re interested, I uploaded my research here:

The only really philosophical problem – suicide

Did you ever contemplate suicide? – Before doing it, read on.

Did you ever struggle with the meaningless of the universe and lack of purpose in your life? Inspired by the explicitly existentialist, adult animated series’ Rick and Morty and Bojack Horseman, this essay explores and analyses the only “really serious philosophical problem”, i.e. “suicide”, when exposed to the conclusions of science.

I invite everyone who is interested to comment and provide feedback. If you are able to debunk the argument you’re justified in killing yourself. Otherwise I hope this essay, provides you with the means to truly LIVE in a meaningless universe.

Link to my article.

Now it begins

So this is it.

I finally settled on putting the IT skills I used to learn and apply in school, university and work to good use and start my own website. Similar to assembling your own furniture, you come to like the result even if it looks objectively worse compared to a possible world in which it had been built by professionals. At least for now, I am therefore satisfied with the result. I’d be happy though for suggestions of any kind. 🙂

This website’s primary purpose is to support and present my academic work and research. One huge benefit of being a philosopher, is that it never really feels like working at all, one is rather driven by love and passion for the subject. On the other hand, there is no such a thing as conventional private life as a philosopher either. Being constantly plagued by existential dread and thoughts on the fundamental questions, is a curse that befalls the philosopher. One’s mind just never leaves the philosophical classroom.

This being the case, I will also occasionally release pictures and reports of my travels and non-work related activities. As I shall illustrate in the not to far future, these had an enormous impact on me and my thinking. As the picture is supposed to show, research and holidays are not mutually exclusive. 🙂

I will publish primarily on science, morality, evolution and the deep questions that keep us awake at night.

More on my research and myself can be found here.

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